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Mo Hornbrook
Usui Shiki Reiki Advanced Master Teacher Practitioner


Mo Tall Ships.jpgMy name is Mo Hornbrook and I am a Reiki Advanced Master teacher practitioner. I have been interested in the well being of the body pretty much for all of my life. I came to Reiki through both Yoga and Tai Chi. I study the original Usui Reiki, but there are other forms using many names.

The overriding theme through all styles of Reiki is the basic instinct to help the healing process. When you fall as a child and graze your arm or leg, the first reaction is to soothe the initial pain by touching, holding or rubbing the area. Reiki seeks to take that fundamental reaction onto the next level and uses set hand positions and symbols to focus the energies to allow the natural healing process to work.

It is my aim through this website to both develop my own Reiki practise and to give a forum for people to discuss Reiki and bring ideas to the table. I will try and answer any questions posed and remove the cloak of mysticism surrounding Reiki and other forms of complementary therapy.

You may have heard of the term Holistic Care: This refers to a treatment of the person rather than the infection or disease. Reiki is a holistic treatment and basically believes in the power of the human body to heal itself. Reiki is there to focus that process. It is not a miracle cure and anyone that refers to Reiki as healing has missed the point. It is however a pure, natural way to enhance your own body on all levels, from physical through mental and emotional to the slightly more ‘new wave’, auric, etherial and spatial levels.

Many forms of complementary therapy are now described as ‘mainstream’; examples being acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and so on. Reiki itself is used in many NHS establishments, and has been proven to improve the results of more conventional care when used in tandem.

Reiki is a non-intrusive, natural form of therapy that enhances and complements all other types of treatment; conventional and alternative. There is no negativity in Reiki and all treatments are given with positive thoughts and care. It is not connected to a religion and no beliefs are required to benefit from its use, only a positive attitude.

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